Free your Fearless Voice Workshop

Heather Keller is back from CA to share new breakthroughs in self-healing she experienced with her soul sister Carolina Grace Lorenzo.

Carolina ia a profound Kirtan artist, yoga teacher, therapist
who helped her discover and release childhood blocks in her throat chakra. Together they bring there healing practice to the east coast!

Complementary Sessions A + B = Kabaam! 
$80 for both
A: 5-6:45 pm ~ $45
a joyful group exploration and investigation
of unconscious blocks using ancient shamanic practices

B: 7-9 pm ~ $45
vocal yogic practice + Kirtan

~light refreshments served after~

This workshop is highly recommended for everyone
especially if you are speaker, vocalist, performer, yoga teacher
and/or dealing with a throat chakra related issue such as thyroid, jaw/dental dis-ease, or hearing problem