Our boutique appeals to the traditional and contemporary yogi because we offer a variety of services under the same roof which makes it easy for the yoga student and practitioner to maintain a balanced daily practice



Yoga bridges physical and mental disciplines to achieve peacefulness of the mind and body. Yoga is great for relaxation and management of stress and anxiety. Breathing and posing are the core components of yoga; Yoga postures are designed to increase strength and flexibility, while controlled breathing helps to relax the body and clear the mind. 




Nutrition Therapy teaches a realistic approach to a healthy lifestyle by helping choose what foods are best for the body, make the right choices in restaurants, plan meals, and use effective weight loss techniques. Your meals should be abundant on your plate. They should taste delicious, not take forever to prepare, and you should feel energized, satisfied, and happy that you ate it. If you are exhausted, wanting food an hour after you ate, and needing something sweet to “top off” your meals, than you are not eating the right things! With Nutrition Therapy, you will learn about what works for your body, and how to care for your body the rest of your life. You will be empowered to change your relationship with food, and to go and have an amazing life knowing what you can do to remain at your optimum level of health. 


chinese medicine

Chinese Medicine is a very ancient medical modality that has a strong and time tested tradition of combining whole person approach, and rigorous research.  Acupuncture is a method of using the body's own inherent wisdom to heal, primarily by getting things moving at an energetic level that translates into observable results.  Chinese Herbs operate under the same principles, with the main difference being that herbs utilize the healing energy of plants and animals in addition to the patient's own.

Chinese Medicine should be the first stop before a primary care physician because we can often resolve issues without strong and/or dangerous drugs and their side effects.



Holistic Counseling/mentor

These private confidential sessions inspire the soul through exploratory and gentle probing of insightful concepts with cutting edge techniques like hypnotherapy, NLP, as well as traditional therapeutic models.  Each session will provide you with great insight in inner peace so you can make the changes to your outer world with ease.  Therapy just turned into self-study and soul-work.  Topics include depression, anxiety, addictions, to marital problems and help an individual improve all areas of wellness including nutrition, fitness, weight, health, stress, anger and life management. As a client, you will develop a close relationship with your mentor who will provide you with expertise, structure and inspiration. Holistic counselors/mentors are licensed and certified and will lead you to develop, and grow beyond what it is that you do alone. Through mentorship and self-study, your mentor will guide and inspire you to use your strengths to make permanent lifestyle changes.

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Acupuncture is a modality of medicine that was developed in China thousands of years ago. By inserting thin, sterile needles in specific points along energetic pathways or “meridians” throughout the body, blockages that manifest as symptoms can be released. This treatment is ideal for stress relief, depression, anxiety, arthritis, body pain, addictions, detoxification, immune system support, illness prevention and so much more. Book your appointment here! 




Meditation is a process which leads to a state of consciousness that unifies the body, mind and spirit. Meditation produces balanced thought, awareness and well-being to ensure that healing can occur on multiple levels. Benefits of meditation include a drop in cholesterol levels, lower risk of cardiovascular disease, enhanced energy and strength, improved post-operative healing, increased blood flow, increased serotonin level, improved mood and behavior, improved learning ability and memory, and increased emotional stability. Aside from the physiological and psychological benefits, meditation also provides peace of mind and a greater inner direction.



Hypnosis is intense focused concentration, which allows you access to better health, healing, tranquility, performance, and personal change. Studies have shown that the brain reacts to situations we imagine the same as situations we actually experience. Hypnosis focuses inward to achieve a deep state of relaxed concentration to make connections between what is present in your life and what you need to accomplish to achieve happiness. Hypnotherapy can be used to increase motivation, treat addiction, pain, anxiety, and depression.


Energy Treatment is a deeply relaxing and re-centering treatment.  Hands are placed along areas of the body or held inches above the skin.  The practitioner holds a specific focus on healing intention and in meditating upon certain “hot spots” along the body, a patient may feel energetic blockages in the body naturally release.  It is great for stress reduction, body tension and promotes clarity of the mind while reducing the effects of experienced symptoms.