Studio Etiquette 

ZEnLIFe holds the space for you

  • We welcome you to arrive at the studio 20 minutes before every scheduled class.
  • A bottle of water, a towel and a mat is all you need. Mats and towels are available upon request for no additional fee. We also offer a variety of pressed juices and trace mineral water at our juicebar for pre/post-practice munchies.
  • Cubbies and hooks are provided for your personal belongings. Please keep all valuables at home as ZenLife regrets that we are not responsible for any lost, stolen, or damaged property. 
  • Please silence all cell phones upon arrival.
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class start time to peacefully arrive and check in for class.
  • Please keep all conversations and voice levels low once checked in to respect the space of other students or clients receiving wellness services.
  • Please refrain from conversation or keep speaking voices at a whisper inside all practice studios supporting the preparation of a calm, focused mind, connected body, and a peaceful space to practice your journey within.
  • Please arrive to practice with clean clothes, clean mats, clean bodies, clean feet, and hands.
  • Kindly remove shoes beyond studio lobby and boutique. 
  • Please be mindful to always wipe down and clean any borrowed mats and/or studio props that you use with provided all-natural cleaning spray located in every practice studio.
  • Please respect the space we all share and wipe up any sweat or moisture around your personal practice space helping us to continually keep and provide clean, healthy space for all students to practice in.
  • If you are unable to remain present for the full practice length of class please notify teacher of your need to leave early prior to the start of class to see if this is permissible.



ALL Group Yoga classes require students to cancel class within 60 minutes or class will be deducted from membership and your account will be charged using the credit card on file.


24 hours cancellation notice needed. If less than 24 hours notice is given we will deduct the session from your account using credit card on file. 


  • Monthly Memberships are non-transferrable, may not be shared, and are valid for 12 months and will renew automatically after the 12 month period unless written notice is received.
  • I agree that payments will be made and received automatically via the provided credit or debit card every 30 days.
  • I agree to provide new cc/debit information if there are ever any changes to my cc/debit accounts prior to payment deduction date. If not, I agree to pay any fees associated with a declined/returned payment.
  • All Contracts require a minimum of 90 days commitment. In order to end the contract at the 90 days end term or after; written notice must be given via email to 30 days prior to cancellation date.
  • If you decide to cancel before the 12 month contract is up and 30 days written notice is not received or given there is a $35 early termination fee.
  • No extensions are given on Monthly Passes and Monthly Memberships, no exceptions.
  • In case of injury or illness you make put a 'Freeze' on your account with 7 days notice for up to 90 days, free of charge, with a provided doctors note. To 'Freeze' your account for any other reason for up to 90 days, a nominal $25 fee is charged to the CC on file per 'Freeze".
  • We offer online reservations for your convenience and to inspire you to schedule your health & wellness routine into your daily life. If you register for any class and cannot make it, YOU must cancel your reservation before the start time of the class. If YOU do not cancel the reservation the class WILL be deducted from your monthly membership!
  • In the event that a payment is missed, declined, or returned an additional $35 is charged to reinstate account into good standing.
  • I agree that if any outstanding payments are not received within 60 days that Zenlife has the right to collect all outstanding payments and end the contract. All outstanding payments in addition to $35/month returned/declined fee and a $35 early termination fee will be collected. In the event this happens in the initial 90 day period you agree that ZenLife has the right to collect the full agreed upon 90 days of payments, a $35 early termination fee, and any $35 returned/declined fees that may apply.


MON - 9:30AM, 6:30PM

TUES - 9:30AM, 6:30PM

WED - 9:30AM, 6:30PM

WED- 10:45AM Mommy & Me


THURS - 9:30AM, 6:30PM

FRI - 9:30AM, 6:30PM

SAT - 9:30AM, 6:30PM

SUN - 9:30AM, 6:30PM





Single classes - $15

10 classes - $100

Monthly pass - $135

*Credit cards and cash accepted