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ZenLife is a total mind body experience. Each session will transform the way you feel, think and move. envision a brighter, healthier version of you. peek into your future where Wellness is about your entire being. A mind, body and spiritual experience where the new you embraces life and is full of energy. A future where the balance between mind, body and spirit are met with enthusiasm and peace.  It begins with a vision, a brighter view of you, and the result is a version of you that you love.

Why holistic healing?

Western medicine continues to advance mental and physical health, and the benefits are incredible. On the other hand, Eastern medicinal knowledge is centuries old, healing humanity for generations. Every science has it’s gaps, and  the Western and Eastern forms of healing compliment each other in that way. ZenLife combine both disciplines, allowing them to work in harmony. Utilizing the best of both worlds, treating the entire person, and respectfully optimize the human experience in every possible way.

What does yoga have to do with anything?

Contrary to popular perception, Yoga is not just a physical workout comprised of asanas (poses.) When one thinks of Yoga, it conjures up images of mats and fitness studios, while in reality that is only one very small part of the equation. 

We integrate all aspects of the Yogic lifestyle (see our 8 limbs of yoga page) prominently the “Yamas," and “Niyamas,"  into your treatment plan to rebalance and enhance your mental, physical, and emotional processes. This lifestyle, a sister science to Ayurveda, includes routines and treatments to clarify the mind, cleanse the body, and heal the soul. 

What is Ayurveda?

By definition, Ayurveda is the traditional eastern system of medicine, which is based on the idea of balance in bodily systems and uses diet, herbal treatment, and yogic breathing. It is based on the belief that each person has a different Prakriti, or physical constitution, which can be one of (or a combination of,) three body types, referred to as Doshas: VATA, PITTA, and KAPHA.

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The 8 Limbs of Yoga - Pantajali’s Yogasutra

When one thinks of Yoga, the general association is a fitness trend comprised of Asanas (poses,) in a studio. While the Asanas alone are powerful enough to vastly improve your health, the true healing benefits of yoga come from incorporating the entirety of the 8 limbs into your wellness regime. Simply, the eight limbs consist of:

1) Yamas - "the don'ts", a list of 5 universal moralities (simply listed: non violence, honesty, not stealing in any sense of the word, moderation, and not coveting.)

2) Niyamas - "the do's", a list of 5 contracts with ones’ self (simply listed: cleanliness, contentment, austerity, self-study, and surrender to the forces of the universe.)

3) Asanas - Body Postures

4) Pranayama - breathing exercises 

5) Pratyahara - Control of the senses

6) Dharana - Concentration and inner perception

7) Dhyana - Devotion to and meditation of a higher power (religious or otherwise.)

8) Samadhi - Union with the divine aspects of the physical world.

The combination of these practices and beliefs with modern western medicine is our approach to a holistic path of enhancing every aspect of your life, from every angle. 


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