National Mental Health Awareness Month

Contribute To A Larger Picture of Wellness

May is National Mental Health Awareness and National Military Appreciation month. Three years ago today, I was honored with a commemorative coin by our Armed Services for the voluntary services I provide, as an advocate for mental health and recovery awareness. I have always dedicated a portion of my time to providing education and treatment services to the military, medical students, and nurses. 

In 1998, I opened up an affordable out-patient drug/alcohol treatment program in Towson, MD. called Center For Mental Health LLC, and more recently, began a weekly meditation class in our neighborhood.  

I love what I do, and I am constantly inspired by others who also provide such incredible services to the world. You make this world a better place and I am so grateful and thankful. Let the air we share serve as a reminder to give back to community. Millions of men and women serve to protect our country both domestically and abroad.  Perhaps volunteering for you is military service.  For others it's about being kind and compassionate to each other, and earning a civilian coin for your merits.  

Let's use this time to notice how we contribute to a loving, healing environment where inner peace and outer peace can be sustained. We each contribute to a larger picture of wellness.  Earn your coin!