Claim Your Independence

 Make July 4th Your Personal Independence Day!

Holidays can be an excuse to hold on to or create unhealthy attachments. We believe there is a positive intention behind every unhealthy attachment. We are pretty certain you didn’t start your day, month or year saying, “I want to make the worst possible choice.”

The ZenLife Yoga Boutique & Juice Bar Clinicians came up with the top 5 most common unhealthy attachments and we want to help you set yourself free this July 4th! It is time to let go! Detach from things that no longer serve you!

Follow these 4 easy steps to achieve your personal July 4th Independence Day,

1. First, be honest with yourself and identify your unhealthy attachments. You may be telling yourself that you need it but really, if you were not born with it, you will be fine without it.

2. Ask yourself, “What is the positive intention behind my unhealthy behavior?” (For example, your intent may be to relax, to have fun, to feel socially comfortable).

3. Once you have identified your intent, identify 5 other ways you can achieve that same goal.

4. Close your eyes and visualize yourself doing these new healthy behaviors.

Below are some common unhealthy attachments and suggestions. Please add your new five behaviors to the list below.

1. Are you reaching for unhealthy foods loaded with fats and sugar?
Remember you are what you eat! Choose healthier foods. Make a delicious fruit bowl for the party or a veggie tray. Not only will it be easier for you to stick to your nutritional goals but you can even help friends eat healthier too! (Insert one of your new healthy behaviors and complete the visual, perhaps see yourself reaching for healthy foods, feeling more energized and looking more physically fit.)

2. Are you turning to alcohol or other drugs?
Turning to alcohol or other drugs use can lead to increased anxiety, dehydration and you may end up feeling worst (especially in the morning)! Instead, bring tropical juices to a party and water to stay hydrated, volunteer to cook or bring a game. Most importantly, spend time with your friends and family! Be in the moment, reconnect, show interest in their lives and express how much they mean to you. And let’s remember summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors with your loved ones. (Insert one of your new healthy behaviors and complete the visual, perhaps see yourself enjoying your time with your friends and family and smiling.)

3. Are you hanging out with unhealthy friends and negative people who bring you down?
Unhealthy friends are the ones who bring out the worst in you and lead you to make bad decisions. Positive friends will engage in activities that you enjoy and will support you. It is important to align yourself with people who share similar goals as you. These kinds of friends will make your Fourth of July holiday a day to remember and cherish. (Insert one of your new healthy behaviors and complete the visual, perhaps see yourself spending time with healthy friends.)

4. Are you putting yourself in negative places?
Negative places are settings in which you are neither yourself nor someone you aspire to be and can be disastrous. Put yourself in places that represent the way you want to live. To do this, you may need to explore new activities and go beyond your comfort zone. (Insert one of your new healthy behaviors and complete the visual, perhaps see yourself exploring new social environments, trying new activities and really having a great time.)

5. Are you overspending or living beyond your means?
Attaching yourself to objects, things like top brands, labels, expensive cars, fancy clothes, etc. will never be fulfilling. We are not what we accumulate. Spending an excessive amount of money on material goods will lead you into debt and create greater stress in your life. De-clutter your space and remove the excess. Create a gratitude list and share your list with your family and friends. ( close your eyes and visualize all of the things you are grateful for.)

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your freedom! Please feel free to share your success stories with the ZenLife Yoga Boutique & Juice Bar community.

As usual call me for a hypnosis session if you are still stuck in old behaviors!  It's likely you are still working from the neural loop of the old pattern (in other words you are still in "old story"). Hypnosis will help get you out of an old pattern and reach the depths of your thinking where new patterns develop and stick! Email me or call me at 443-803-3848
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