Meditation: I Breathe in Safety. I Let Go of All Judgements.

Today's meditation and intention. I am safe. 

Begin by settling into a quiet space. You may sit crossed-legged or in some other comfortable seated pose. Your spine is long. Connect with your breath. Follow the inhale to the space between the inhale and exhale, then stay focused all the way to the end of the exhale. Let's take a few more focused breaths, in and out.  Close your eyes slightly and continue to focus on the breath.

You can create limitless options by shifting from fear to safety. Thoughts of doubt, shame, guilt, and criticism, limit us and deny us access to so many relationships and opportunities.  You can interrupt this pattern of fear before it destroys you and your relationships. Regardless of whether your fears are justified, you can shift into safety and open the doors to loving relationships and possibility. 

Keeping the eyes closed, go inward and even deeper into concentration. Relaxing the body and letting go of all tension with each exhale. Begin to recall a time in your life when you felt safe. A time where your inhales and exhales were all that you had, and it was enough. You and your breath were good enough. You were safe. Drop into that moment and experience it with all of your senses. Allow yourself to feel all the details of that moment of feeling safe. Memorize it. Notice your posture, your breathing, the temperature, colors and sounds. Find the space in your body where you feel it the most, and move the color there. Feel it. You are safe. So safe. Just you and the inhale and the exhale. You have all that you need. You are good enough. Safe. 

The mantra is, "I breathe in safety. I let go of all judgements."  When a judgement arises, press into your heels and lick your lips and slowly exhale out. Repeat to yourself, "I am safe." Today, allow yourself to slow down enough to really hear when an old pattern of fear based thinking arises, and switch your thoughts to the memory of safety. Throughout your day, notice what happens by changing each negative thought,  Notice how you see and experience the world differently, and how it produces a different outcome for you. Allow the magic to start happening because deep down, you know that when you stop all the fear based thoughts, you will be free. You are no longer a prisoner and slave to fear. You are safe now. You have the keys to your freedom and control your mind and body once again. You have returned to that moment where it is just you and your breath, and it is enough. You are enough. You are safe. 

With yours eyes still half closed, bring your palms together to your heart center, and enjoy a a few conscious focused deep breaths in and out. Feel the abdomen expand and deflate. Raise your hands to the area between your brows and ask for support and grace from something higher than yourself, from that which provides the next breath.  Express your gratitude and appreciation.   The light in me honors the light in you. Gently lower your chin, bowing inward and welcoming the divine reverence in you. Namaste. Raise your chin and gently open your eyes. Shanti shanti shanti.

May you find clarity and peace throughout your day. 🏼 Namaste