Turmeric Ginger Lemon Shot

A Shot of Healing and Energy

Meditation is even better when the physical body feels great. We are fortunate to have Colleen Pugaczewski as our nutrition consult at the ZenLife Yoga Boutique & JuiceBar. Her recommended delicious blends of veggies, fruit and protein give the body just what it needs to detox, energize, strengthen and heal the body!

Today's Morning Dose

Lemon boosts our immune system, detoxifies and increases our metabolism, is a natural skin cleanser, a natural pain reliever, reduces sugar craving, regulates blood pressure and sugar levels! 

Ginger root is anti-inflammatory and soothes digestion, boosts metabolism, relieves stress and is very grounding. It also regulates sugar levels and blood pressure.

Turmeric is the power root! It is an anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and boosts the immune system. It curbs cravings, increases energy, boosts metabolism and is a mood stabilizer!

Ingredients: (makes 4 (1.5 fl oz) shots)

1/2 cup water
1 squeezed lemon
Peel off ginger 1/4 cup or cut a chunk of ginger
Peel off 1/4 cup Tumeric or cut a chunk of Tumeric
Blend and serve!

Cheers! L'Chaim!