Your Inner Retreat Is Calling You!

Some call it an escape; others a timeout, man-cave, vacation, stay-cation, day dreaming, checked out, done, talk to the hand, spa day, retreat, Lala land, zoned out, ear plugs, quiet time, mommy time, meditation time, breathing time, closing my eyes, coloring time, yoga mode, going inward, going home, going to my happy place, running, dancing, or an 18 breath headstand... Whatever you call it -- Take it! 

Take yourself there! It's yours! Take it every day actually! Take it as often as you need.  Just make sure it's not harmful or illegal, but please take it and go inward, and show some love to yourself.

When we deny this most beautiful self-soothing, natural, built-in, healthy way to replenish ourselves, we become vulnerable to dangerous invitations to alcohol, drugs and dangerous people who we think will provide us with what we already have! 

You have waited too long if that donut was soooo good, if that creepy complement felt sooooo good, if that alcohol felt sooooo good, if you lose your temper waiting on line or complain about traffic feeling too slow. 

When dangerous things feel soooo good, you've waited too long to take your mini vacation. When you've yelled at your child or family for leaving a glass out, you are overdue for a vacation, or whatever name you call it.

So take your mini vacation and do it often! And while you are away, speak lovingly and promote yourself! Have a great trip and I'll see you when you get back, smiling recharged, mind and body fully replenished and alive and ready to get back out there!
Namaste xoxo Dena