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YOGA, meditation, energy treatments, holistic counseling, hypnotherapy, mentorship & Yoga teacher training

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( Its awesome yoga!) 

ZenLife is a sanctuary of peace, providing
everything you need to create a healthy lifestyle.
Restore, rejuvenate and reinvent the best version of you!


zenlife strives to assist you in attaining optimum wellness. We offer an array of holistic and therapeutic services so you can achieve your wellness goals. A  wellness practitioner will work together with you to design a unique wellness plan. Start your journey today and rediscover yourself. The new you awaits! 

Services include yoga, meditation,energy treatments, wellness coaching,  hypnotherapy, and more!

ZenLife promotes balance of the mind, body and spirit. approaching healing with an integrative approach of holistic and alternative therapies to restore the body’s wellness. Located in a beautiful, zen environment, allow yourself to experience the ultimate peaceful escape and launch your way to optimal wellness.


Compassionate Living Message

Live each day with compassion for yourself and those who are suffering. Cherish each mOment and let your breathing remind you to shift your thoughts into thoughts of love and compassion.  xoxo

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