Love is the Magic Behind Everything

It's so clear to me how anything is possible when we work together. Once you understand this concept of living lovingly, it's easy to forgive, to forget, to step back away from all drama, no matter how wronged. You be the one to create the space of love and understanding, in order for others to get some clarity of their way, not by telling them, and not by showing them.

It's not yours to figure out their own nonsense. Let everyone work out their stuff and step back, (of course, get out of the target range so you don't get hurt) but don't judge, instead remind them that you still see the light in them, no matter what, no matter how wrong or right. Because there is no justice (as defined by westerners as right or wrong, true or false). Seeking that kind of justice (the apology, the admission, whatever!) will only result in more nonsense, more proving, more fighting.
Lift your vibe and see five years ahead, you'll realize love is the only way through to clearing the lines and lifting each other's vibe. The outer world can be peaceful when the inner world is peaceful. The outer world is chaos when the inner world is filled will complaints and blame and needing justice. fill yourself with love, learn how, go to meditation, do self-study, start now and don't put off another moment. Create inner peace and those energy lines of love will attract more peace all around you, like all day long and everywhere you go. 💜

Only love baby. Only love.