Too often people meditate and enjoy how good it feels but is it really effective? An effective meditation is one that not only feels good but actually clears the old and sets the new patterns and paves the way for your actions through the day. For a more effective meditation practice, study a concept that speaks to you, meditate on that concept, observe any resistance or sensations and discover the blocks. You may need guidance to learn how to stay in spaces of discomfort. In order to shift into the new pattern its important to explore what the block is and in that space that you will discover wisdom that is internally guiding you. Meditation is not to repress, its to discover and expand! The following is an example of how to put a meditation practice to action. 

 Meditation on The Four Immeasureables: Each component can be its own meditation practice for breaking negative patterns and creating new healthy patterns. After repeating the mantra or phrase, set your intention to action. Always ask for support and guidance from that which sources you.

1.     Maitri- Loving Kindness
2.     Karuna- Compassion
3.     Mudita- Sympathetic Joy
4.     Upeksham- Equanimity

Maitri- developing love and kindness for self and toward others and to all living creatures large and small. This practice is powerful for breaking negative thought patterns. If you notice you are spiraling into negative thinking today repeat to yourself, “ May I be Happy.” And throughout your day be mindful of your speech and actions toward self and others. Avoid gossip, speak lovingly and look at things from different perspectives, creatively apply compassion.

Karuna- Compassion through action, free from physical suffering. If you are physically struggling through your day with cravings, physical pain, then use this phrase “May I be healthy and strong”. And through your day be mindful of how you treat your body, what you consume, hydrate, exercise, and get adequate rest.

Mudita- Joy, happiness for self and celebrate other’s success. If you are struggling in your relationships, envy (coveting what someone else has), competing, feeling unloved, unable to be supportive or in an unhealthy relationship, then use this phrase “May I be Safe”. Take action through your day to express interest, praise, celebrate your friends accomplishments, recognize your strengths and the capacity to always learn and grow, study and learn with eagerness not to compete but for transcendence,

Upeksham- Equanimity, letting go, non-attachment, If you are feeling anxious, dissatisfied, worried, jealous (fear of something being taken away), greedy, needy, not feeling good enough or feeling a general sense of lack, then use this phrase, “ May I be peaceful and at ease ”. Set your intention to action by noticing all that you do have, volunteer, give back and express gratitude. If you notice your thoughts pulling you toward revenge are harmful actions, stop, connect with your breath and say the phrase, then shift your behavior to responding with compassion or shift focus on the loving people in your life and acts of kindness.

*origins from the Metta Sutta of Buddhism and in the ancient and medieval texts of Hinduism and Jainism.

Compassionately authored by: Dena Leibowitz, 9/1/18


Only love baby. Only love.

7 Life-Changing Questions

Let's get philosophical.

Take some time today to answer these seven life-changing questions. Then share your answers with three special people in your life. Notice the responses. Notice what you learn about yourself and the world. Ask them if they would complete this exercise too.

To me living a full life is about living lovingly, passionately, kindly and peacefully. It's about enjoying all the miracles great and small. It's being responsible for the energy that I bring and creating a space that's safe and full of love for my family, friends, clients and students. For me, life's about embracing possibility and expanding my mind to new ideas and new ways of seeing, thinking and doing things. I embrace each moment or challenge as an opportunity to practice love and acceptance towards myself and others. For me, It's about being self-aware, really. Aware of my inner voice. And trusting my intuitive self because it always propels me to my best self. And of equal importance for me, I've learned to lower the volume of any self-destructive talk and of course to distance myself when my intuition advises.

I’ve also learned to listen to my body when it's tense or at ease. When I notice my body tensing or my inner dialog racing, I apply the Dena Power of Three Rule - the "Let me take three and get back to you" Rule; take three steps back, three breaths in, and generate three different perspectives (my version, your version, and the birds’ version) in order to detach and find clarity. (Best advice my mom ever gave me: "don't act on impulse, pause...breathe...if you still want the shoes tomorrow they will be there." Thanks, Mom!)

I've learned to be gentle in my thoughts and loving in my efforts which in turn has made me a better friend and lover. Living a balanced life to me is an attitude. I create balance by respecting my need for quiet time and taking it with no apologies, and I include prayer, love, cleanliness, healthy nutrition and fitness every day. Interestingly, the biggest lesson I learned in life happened while I was falling. In those moments, I heard myself coaching me to rise up. I moved myself from fear to love. And from that point on, I knew what true love was, but I had to fall in love first. Namaste

1. If you could describe your character/attributes in under ten words which words would you choose?

2. What is your philosophy of life?

3. What has been your greatest life lesson?

4. If you could go back in time and tell your younger version of you one piece of advice what would it be?

5. What is your approach to life challenges?

6. How do you create balance in your life?

7. What are the five most important things that you incorporate into your daily life?

Love is the Magic Behind Everything

It's so clear to me how anything is possible when we work together. Once you understand this concept of living lovingly, it's easy to forgive, to forget, to step back away from all drama, no matter how wronged. You be the one to create the space of love and understanding, in order for others to get some clarity of their way, not by telling them, and not by showing them.

It's not yours to figure out their own nonsense. Let everyone work out their stuff and step back, (of course, get out of the target range so you don't get hurt) but don't judge, instead remind them that you still see the light in them, no matter what, no matter how wrong or right. Because there is no justice (as defined by westerners as right or wrong, true or false). Seeking that kind of justice (the apology, the admission, whatever!) will only result in more nonsense, more proving, more fighting.
Lift your vibe and see five years ahead, you'll realize love is the only way through to clearing the lines and lifting each other's vibe. The outer world can be peaceful when the inner world is peaceful. The outer world is chaos when the inner world is filled will complaints and blame and needing justice. fill yourself with love, learn how, go to meditation, do self-study, start now and don't put off another moment. Create inner peace and those energy lines of love will attract more peace all around you, like all day long and everywhere you go. 💜

Only love baby. Only love.