Redefining Brave!

Redefining Brave! What would you do if you were brave? This quote sits on my desk.  So I thought about it this morning, and came up with a new list of what I would do if I were brave today: 


I would say "no" to something, I would not gossip, I would be honest and not lie, I would go to the party, I would try out for the play, I would give that compliment, I'd go for the handstand, I would walk away, or I wouldn't judge!   The list goes on. Our fears and doubts (some totally unfounded) limit us every day!  If we were brave, the sky is the limit!  We would be doing and not doing so many things! All of our fears and doubts are ego based! We are either ego building or ego bruising! It's not bad and it's not good -- it's just limiting. Our lives could change instantly.  Shift into the mind and body of limitless capacity. 

Everyone will wrong and be wronged. No one is beyond reproach. This intention is about practicing to stop yourself from reacting even when justified because you are limiting yourself or even setting up more of the same problems. The forever snowball effect of cause and effect. Judge and be judged. The more you react, the more of the same problems you will have -- perhaps worse! People can get vicious when ego is threatened, and yes, even you can turn really nasty and ugly!

Especially when those ego based neural patterns of guilt and shame and criticism are activated! That is when people go into a "kill or be killed mode".  The darkness grows into lying, deceiving and gossiping or worse, becoming physically violent to self or other.  Get over yourself and your need to prove your innocence or another's guilt. The sooner you move on, THE SOONER YOU MOVE ON. Better yet, wish them love. And make sure to love yourself too! Lift your vibe. Lift their vibe. You can attract more of the same or decide today to attract love and send love. We all can move on because we are all inherently good (well most of us).  I can, you can.  I'm turning my pain into wisdom and starting over, join me. Let everyone off the hook, most importantly love yourself and start over. Push the reset button.  You can spiral out of control or you can take full control. It starts with you.  We are all going through this (some just don't know it).

Start today by doing one of the following:  

  • When a judgmental thought comes up, thank it and say "that's one way, today I'm being kind" 
  • If a thought of fear comes up, notice it, say okay I'm feeling scared or doubtful and breathe in deeply and said what if I explore brave, or confident," 
  • If a thought of anger or intolerance comes up, say to yourself "I am heard, I am loved, I do belong, or I am important". Give yourself what you needed in that moment, rather than reacting and expecting anything from the other person! 

The light in me sees the beautiful light in you.

I'm holding the space for you and sending you tons of gushing support and strength.

We are all in this together. 

Shanti shanti shanti.