Try This Daily Meditation


A Meditation for creating love and restoring your soul.

Restore your soul, your heart and your mind by giving others what you need at this very moment. Courageously clear the path and stroll through your day sprinkling love even though your heart may be broken. Feel your heart glow with every gift you send, with every smile you force. Breathe in a bit more deeply and feel your lungs expand and belly rise a bit more with each breath as you (your soul) return home to your life again.   Realize you are shifting out of a place of attachment, allowing room for your soul to return home again. Your heart missed you. Your mind misses you. It wants you to remember that you are fully equipped with all that you need. It's easy to forget ourselves when we immerse our selves into another person and become so used to having those needs met. When it's no longer there, it feels different that's all, it's not bad or good, it's just different. We tend to think different is "bad". It's just a feeling, not good not bad, not at all a measure of your being. You can be sad, you can also shift to the concept that everyone needs to follow their path and it has nothing at all to do with you. So we learn that loving is great but when we over attach and lose ourselves, it's a sure defeat. 

Sprinkle love around even though your heart is broken.  Smile even though your feeling sad. You are not your feelings. You are a soul having an experience that's uncomfortable. 

So send those shoulders down away from years and down your back. Breathe in deeply and connect with your fire. Lift the corners of your mouth to remind your mind and body that you still control the direction of your smile! Its not faking it, its being you again. its returning home to yourself to get your needs met! 

Shanti shanti shanti 

A daily practice of pranayama filled with self study about the Yamas and Niyamas will strengthen your control over your mind (thoughts) and your body (your feelings). 

Come to meditation weekly and also add an asana yoga practice to your daily routine. 

Shanti shanti shanti